Prayer Groups

We believe God intended life to be lived in community.  While our worship services are great for worship and hearing the Word of God, prayer groups is where a life of faith is lived out.  It’s where we build close relationships, bear one another’s burdens, and wrestle with our fears, doubts and what it means to follow Jesus in our daily lives.  Some of our life groups are based on common phase of life (seniors, singles, etc), some are organized around a particular study topic (prayer, generosity, etc).  Join us on Thursday 7:30 pm and Sunday 11 am


Children’s Ministry

Jesus said "Let the little children come to me." One of CCLID's  primary goals is to lead children to Jesus. Our children's ministries are a fun and interactive that includes music, games and a bible lessons. Your child can experience this on Tuesdays bible classes and Thursday's prayer group and Cadets on Fridays. For more information call 718-597-2200


Youth Ministry

We believe our youth are not just the church of tomorrow but the church of today! Our youth group is for middle school and high school students and college students.  They are encouraged to participate in activities that foster volunteerism and mentoring younger believers to live for Christ. 



CCLID has developed a wonderful partnership with with churches in many different countries such as Guyana, Trinidad/Tobago,, Suriname, Puerto Rico , Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and others. In between our annual missions trips, our members sponsor children so they can go to school, pray for one another, and do other things to support one another.